Our Sustainability Efforts


Ruggiero Seafood, Inc. is committed to offering our customers a consistent supply of premium seafood that is certified sustainable or on the road to becoming certified. As one of the country’s largest seafood companies we recognize it is our responsibility to protect our natural resources. Protecting our oceans is critical for maintaining the availability of seafood for future generations and the health of our planet’s oceans. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable, and traceable seafood from environmentally and socially responsible sources.  

Ruggiero Seafood, Inc. is committed to:

  • Source locally when possible
  • Work with local fisheries to help lower our carbon footprint and support the local communities
  • Work closely with our suppliers and fishermen to ensure that we do not purchase seafood that is illegally caught
  • Operate with as much transparency as possible, and require the same of all our suppliers
  • Offer “certified sustainable” seafood options labeled with the Seafood Sourcing (SSC) Eco label
  • Work with producers that demonstrate they are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint and operate their fisheries in a more sustainable manner
  • Utilizing our purchasing influence to encourage less sustainable fisheries and farms to move forward with credible, documented FIP projects
  • Not sourcing from any fishery found to have IUU issues or that is currently on the IUCN red list 
  • Maintain strict standards throughout our entire operation to help continually reduce our environmental impact. We have made measurable improvements and change to our operation to save on water and energy use. We also have removed items like plastic trays from our products and continue to increase our efforts to recycle

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