"Whole Cleaned Calamari From The Arabian Sea"

Whole Cleaned Perfection

Ocean Majesty® whole cleaned Calamari, is caught in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Pakistan. This species, Loligo duvauceli ; is best known for its thick walls, white flesh, is naturally tender, with amazing flavor. Ocean Majesty® is packed with fresh day boat caught raw material and hand cleaned to exceeds the highest standards of quality. Supervised under HACCP guidelines and the strictest of quality control for consistency, excellence and value with every pound purchased.

Ocean Majesty® whole cleaned Calamari is packed with the finest quality Loligo duvauceli and 100% All Natural. Packed with the freshest day boat caught raw material which is hand cleaned to perfection. Always Single source, our Ocean Majesty Label® only contains Loligo duvauceli as we never mix species. Because our product is single species packed you can rely on consistent results each and every time you use it. This product is packed whole cleaned with wings on and tentacles attached to the tubes.  


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Species Loligo duvauceli
Origin Pakistan
Catch Method Wild Caught
FAO Zone 51
Product Safety HACCP & BRC Certified
Sustainability Active FIP
Allergens Contains Mollusk (Shellfish)
Eco Friendly Packed without inner plastic trays
Pack Size Retail Ready 4.4 lb. Block Frozen
Net Weight 100% Net Weight before freezing
Frozen Storage Keep Frozen at -18°C or 0°F
Shelf Life 24 months
Pack Information
Nutritional Information
Sustainability & Accreditation
Defrosting & Net Weight




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