Seafood Dust Coating

Fisherman’s Pride® dust coating is designed for Calamari, however; it can be used on all seafood, poultry, meat, & vegetables. Can be used by it self dry, can be mixed with beer for a beer batter, or can be mixed with water as a batter before adding bread crumbs. Calamari cooks at 375° for just over a minute. When using plain flour, Calamari will not become golden brown unless left in the fryer for over two minutes. At this point the Calamari is over cooked and chewy. This product has certain ingredients that are designed to help the Calamari retain its moisture and get a golden brown color in the required minute of cooking time.

Fisherman’s Pride® dust coating is packed in the US and offers balanced seasonings with a crisp finished texture. Our delicate coating absorbs less oil, so you serve a healthier finished product. It will not burn in the fryer and seals in the natural moisture.

Just moisten seafood in water and coat with dry dust coating to make the perfect seafood dish each and every time. Fisherman’s Pride® dust coating is perfect for:

- Seafood: calamari , fish, scallops, shrimp, clams, and mussels
- Proteins: beef, pork, and poultry

- Vegetables: onion rings, mushrooms, zucchini, and much more  

This product is packed shelf stable in 5 lb. bags and perfect for all of your breading needs.  

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