Breaded Domestic Calamari

Made from Scratch Taste and Appearance

To serve a delicious calamari dish, rely on Fisherman’s Pride’s® five generations of experience to provide quality and freshness in every bite. We lightly bread our Domestic calamari with special spices and seasonings. This delicate, crunchy breading enhances the sweet flavor of our calamari.

Gourmet Convenience & Sustainable

Fisherman's Pride® breaded Domestic Calamari is produced using Loligo opalescens. This species is certified sustainable wild caught off the coast of California and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations. The Loligo opalescens species has continued to thrive thanks to the continued efforts of NOAA

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Restaurant quality breaded Calamari go from the freezer to the plate in just minutes. Our SSC certified sustainable wild-caught calamari rings and Rings with tentacles have the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Processed under strict HACCP guidelines, you are assured of product that meets the highest standard of quality on the market. 


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Species Loligo opalescens
Origin USA
Catch Method Wild Caught
FAO Zone 67
Product Safety HACCP & BRC Certified
Sustainability SSC Certified Sustainable 
Allergens Contains Mollusk (Shellfish)
Eco Friendly Packed with reduced plastic
Product Form Frozen Raw Breaded
Net Weight 100% Net Weight before freezing
Frozen Storage Keep Frozen at -18°C or 0°F
Shelf Life 24 months
Pack Information
Nutritional Information
Sustainability & Accreditation
Cooking Instructions




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