Credibility and reliability in every pound sold. Learn what makes our brand the standard in the industry.  


Fisherman's Pride Platinum Label®

 "The Original" Domestically Harvested Certified Sustainable Premium Loligo Pealei Calamari Brand - USA

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Fisherman's Pride Red Label®

 Premium Fully Cleaned Loligo Duvauceli Calamari - Pakistan

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Fisherman's Pride Black Label®

 Premium Traditionally Cleaned Asian Loligo Calamari

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Fisherman's Pride Purple Label®

Premium Cleaned Loligo Duvauceli Calamari - India

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Fisherman's Pride Silver Label®

Premium Cleaned Loligo Japonica Calamari - Vietnam

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Ocean_Tides_Tubes_front 1800dpi

America's # 1 Selling Brand of Premium Cleaned Todarodes Pacificus Calamari  

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RoyalCrownBag 2

Premium Whole Cleaned Loligo - Thailand

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FP Atlantic Coast package front

Fisherman's Pride Atlantic Coast®

 Domestically Harvested Certified Sustainable Premium Illex illecebrosus Calamari - USA

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Fisherman's Pride Blue Label®

Premium Cleaned Asian Loligo Calamari

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Fisherman's Pride Gold Label®

Premium Cleaned Loligo Formosana Calamari - Thailand

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Fisherman's Pride Green Label®

Premium Cleaned Loligo Gahi Calamari - Peru

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Fruit of the Sea® - Fruto Del Mar®

Premium Traditionally Cleaned Asian Loligo Calamari 

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Package_Eng 1800

Premium Whole Cleaned Loligo Duvauceli Calamari

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230 Front

Premium IQF Cleaned Calamari Rings

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